Discover Los Angeles (Full Version) – Los Angeles Video

Discover Los Angeles (Full Version)

Discover LA’s eclectic mix of world-class attractions, foods, festivals and events. For more information, visit the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board at

8 Responses to “Discover Los Angeles (Full Version) – Los Angeles Video”

  1. Sam Fisher says:

    nice !! and great music David Adametz and the gang

  2. sfyan14 says:

    i love this . one day i’ll be there. god willing .

  3. kedeesh8 says:

    This Video Always Brightens My Day <3 , I Wanna Live Here So Badly (:

  4. JoãoVíctor Medeiros says:

    Please, what is the name of the music, is very perfect, thanks!

  5. Abhishek k says:

    <3 <3 <3 Los Angeles

  6. MrGregAsuncion says:

    you gotta love LA… except for those crazzzzzy bums! they’ll yell at you like you stole there baby

  7. JulieCallies says:


  8. 88donja says:

    So, where is Skid Row??


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