Virtual Trip – Los Angeles – USA – Los Angeles Video

Virtual Trip - Los Angeles - USA

Los Angeles (LA and City of Angels – City of Angels) – a city in the US, in southern California, on the Pacific coast. Populous city of the state and the second – in the country. One of the world’s largest cultural, scientific, economic, educational centers.

18 Responses to “Virtual Trip – Los Angeles – USA – Los Angeles Video”

  1. WatchesOnTime says:

    Amazing …

  2. abdulaziz abdul aziz says:

    .I can not visit Las Vegas

  3. LeoPalooza2008 says:

    I’M COMING HOME 2013!!

  4. budfr says:

    Amazing footage. Kudos!


    ahh, thats right. juvenile insults, just what id expcet from someone as dull as u. stick tot he insults kid, logic isnt really yer thing evidently…


    WRONG. the average number of below freezing days during winter season in las vegas is 27 lmao. i just infact proved u have no clue what yer rambling about dim wit. now go get that frantic tired lil brain of yers some rest so u can try to make some sense in the morning. sleep night kiddo…


    i like bedtime stories. especially fiction. tell me another…


    lol u still rambling on topics about yer lil head. smh, get some rest kiddo…

  9. indiefilms111 says:

    not to mention the flooding in VEGAS. oh yeah most people don’t know about that. it’s freezing in winter and hot as hell in summer. not the same weather as Los angeles who has GREAT weather. so go to hell don’t tell me what I know is fact bitch i live her.

  10. indiefilms111 says:

    by the way Las VEGAS is also a dump .. the GAWDY casinos are basically EVERYTHING. the housing market is in a nose dive. Yeah I love Las Vegas.. who would take points from you. unless you are a Casino owner or hotel owner..

  11. indiefilms111 says:

    i live her asshole. it’s TRUE.. i see it daily. whatever some people love it here. while others are counting the minutes to leave. others cannot leave for lack of funds


    cool story broski. unfortunately not a single thing u said was factual.

  13. tellitlikeitshouldbe says:

    awesome thanks

  14. Auditurbosd says:

    whats up with the soft porn music

  15. Vod Kanockers says:

    PPl from all around the world dream to get in LA. Where to LA ppl dream to go?

    Do you have some blog explaining your comment, i’d like to hear from regular ppl how is life in LA or USA

  16. mpalikko says:

    Visited last year, loved it, weather, food, people were awesome! Will be back next year.

  17. hailexiao says:

    Love how all the reactionary racist haters come out of the woodwork on the comments section.

  18. indiefilms111 says:

    many people are STUCK here.. there are hardly NO jobs. even people in other cities have told me Contact me when you get to any state like Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming but not California, Not New York and NOT las vegas. thats sick. We call it Mexifornia. The rates are high for ugly places and there are filthy homeless people all over the place begging. today i was getting on 10West and I saw a homeless dude taking a shit in a old pizza box. i was like OMG thats just filthy


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