Red Bull SoapBox Race – Los Angeles 2011 – Los Angeles Video

While the city is renowned for its traffic gridlock, the usually clogged streets of downtown Los Angeles transformed into a bona fide drag strip. Approximately 40 teams competed in the Red Bull Soapbox Race, which encourages gear heads and adrenaline junkies alike to break out their toolboxes and build outrageous human-powered vehicles designed to thrill the masses.
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13 Responses to “Red Bull SoapBox Race – Los Angeles 2011 – Los Angeles Video”

  1. mralanv says:

    So this shit really exists. I’m not from America but I was watching one of the Simpsons episode in which Bart builds a soapbox racing car.

  2. Patrick De castro says:

    is it just me or red bull sponsors everything

  3. MrCecezzz says:

    the angry birds soap is great

  4. thedownhillerboy says:

    Great event by Red Bull, and the LA Lakers team was the fair winner, what an extreme wall ride this guys did, pay attention to the speed they were carrying when they were at the wall ride section !
    Portugal just watched it.

  5. stanleysalmon2011 says:

    Wayne’s world, Wayne’s world, Party Time, Excellent!! xD

  6. João Gabriel says:

    kkkk!!! Gostaria De Participa…

  7. strykstepan says:

    Docela dobrý.

  8. marionetemanJ says:

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  9. PenguinsSuperStars says:

    I saw Dai’s FR-S

  10. CarramieGAMING says:

    what the hecck is this

  11. Silviu Dumbrava says:

    4:42 love her t-shirt

  12. PendCrew says:

    12 oz. sugar free redbull, 3:25

  13. Scooter Shred says:

    that is SOO sick!


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