Oscar Nominations 2013 Announcement: ‘Lincoln’ Leads With 12 Nods – Los Angeles Video

Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone reveal the Academy Award nominations for 2013.

22 Responses to “Oscar Nominations 2013 Announcement: ‘Lincoln’ Leads With 12 Nods – Los Angeles Video”

  1. De Changeman says:

    Are you clapping at home? 😀

  2. PopeyeFan1933 says:

    You migh be an idiot.

  3. dzntms144 says:

    What the … ?! Emma Stone doesn’t look so good… What happened to her curves D:

  4. chevypillow247 says:

    samuel l jackson was snubbed

  5. caerulea0 says:

    Leo so deserved to be nominated! He was amazing in Django, actually amazing in anything come to think of it.. wonder why they looked past that!?

  6. caerulea0 says:


  7. HairyMember says:

    not saying it deserved it, but its strange how the hobbit wasn’t even mentioned.

  8. customneonshirts says:

    OH SNAP! Did you guys see that hilarious video “Shithead’s Rant” about Seth’s jokes?? I frikin wet my pants. You GOTTA SEE IT. Just google/youtube “Shithead’s Rant” and it will pull right up

  9. Jure Rejec says:

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  10. Reda Ouas says:


  11. Frank Martino says:

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  12. estawantah says:

    Leo was absolutely AMAZING in Django Unchained, I mean literally, he dissolved into his character like salt into water and I believe he deserved an oscar.

  13. Sverker andersson says:

    Just because hes black….

  14. dalladeien says:

    Well, to be fair. He only was in one movie in 2012.

  15. d4ark says:

    Hardly. I almost fell asleep watching it.

  16. Willfull Wolf says:

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  17. xander66644 says:

    Its funny that Seth actually did better here than in the Oscar show.

  18. justkilledit21 says:

    Seth LOL

  19. TheMikkiHor says:

    LORE for foreign language 🙁

  20. WAHHHHHHHH1234567890 says:

    Awwww did you punch your computer screen? Fuckin Moron.

  21. Léandre Nicolaï says:

    hum… Amour is a french movie..

  22. Benny Vu says:

    I will only watch those movie that got clapped..


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