Man vs Food Los Angeles – Los Angeles Video

Man vs Food Los Angeles.
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21 Responses to “Man vs Food Los Angeles – Los Angeles Video”

  1. LuigisBitchtits says:

    sirena serpentina is a famus stripper who often gives lapdances to random men

  2. omalor says:

    same here, except it’s 2 and i have work tomorrow

  3. whyeff21 says:

    fermented rice wine

  4. jimihendrixvanhalen1 says:

    isnt sakke like japanese vodka?

  5. senga86 says:

    loool, i kno right

  6. thebomb06 says:

    R.I.P. Manuel

  7. Tomas Gunnar says:

    How does he not salivate while talking… I’m looking at this food through a computer screen and I’m salivating 🙂

  8. Dan Avraham says:

    Because Asians have tongues of dragons!!! Yeah… #ASIANSRULE

  9. gheare3 says:

    Because your picture is of Sasuke.

  10. gheare3 says:

    Why are all the people that have completed the challenge Asian?

  11. sasukekan123 says:

    what does Naruto have to do with this.

  12. Jordan wareham says:

    narutos still better…

  13. Jordan wareham says:

    its march break

  14. sasukekan123 says:

    I’m on march break :)

  15. paulam1999 says:


  16. heyzeus1215 says:

    every night!!!

  17. louis dorey says:

    It’s 3 in the morning, i have school tomorrow. Yet i keep watching this asshole eat delicious meals.

  18. danieldei says:

    nice my fridge is empty and im watching this. guess i kill myself now

  19. generalzod4life says:

    The girl in the middle looks much spicier than the ramen! yumm

  20. burry says:

    Lmao he cooked ramen on a Fukin wok? Fake Asian food for white ppl

  21. briky7126 says:

    the spice wasnt too bad for me it was the portion that got me


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