Huge Meteor Appears Above Los Angeles, California February 21, 2013 – Los Angeles Video

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  1. 78kalpeshgmail says:

    ‘fragments hit a small city Injuring thousands’. that’s totally inaccurate. All the tiny injuries were cause by the sonic boom and not fragments. the meteorite that landed was in a small lake on the outskirts of town. You Americans hype up everything don’t you? This kind of false news has to stop.

  2. wthdidusay says:

    Shot down right? The large meteor fragmented when it first hit the atmosphere then as the Larger piece got lower in the atmosphere it recieved more resistance and began to slow and heat up. The smaller piece kept moving at a fast rate and then “appears” to impact the larger piece as it slows dramatically right before it exploded. No big mystery or rockets shooting anything down. Simple science.

  3. Jack Napier says:

    Dr. Krupp says these things happen everyday, if thats so then why aren’t people catching them like they caught this one and the one in Russia. Everyone has video cameras in thier phones these days and theres video cameras everywhere else too.

  4. Andres Hernandez says:

    its gokuuu im telling you guys!!

  5. Regan Teresa says:

    Btw i also saw a big one last thursday. It lasted quite a while in comparison to ohters i usually see and was brighter than Venus. It made me anticipate a ‘boom’ like in Russia and made me forget to do my wish. It didnt explode but it was the brightest and longest lasting i ever saw except for the one i saw as achild in a summer sunset sky, That one made a smoketrail and a ‘whooshing’ sound. It is the most similair to this Russian one i ever saw. I certainly see no highly unusual features.

  6. Regan Teresa says:

    We pass a variety of debris-fields(meteoroids-> Dust particles clustered together over time)) every year. This month we’re passing the ”Leonoids” and the ”Virginoids’. I disagree on your speed estimation btw, Meteorite appearances: Long tail, pale and blue-ish. Slow and occasionally making a fireball. Quick and bright ,no tail. Quick and a lit up tail -> Most common for their visibility is profound. The fireballs are less common because they are in smaller numbers available.

  7. Regan Teresa says:

    To my knowledge there is no equipment available to spot spacerocks with a diameter less than 100 metres,, if they find one its luck(?). I believe it’s only recently that a telescope got build that actually CAN spot the <100metres rocks. But still we speak of only ONE single telescope. You shouldnt worry cos ur not able to stop them anyway. Thats why these articles are out.

  8. SVT460 says:

    One in trillions huh? How about a meteor with the capacity to pack a 30-100kiloton punch…ive never woried about getting hit, i do know in time one or many will come and impact and cause massive destruction, getting hit personally is of little concern when your city has been erased in to oblivion.

  9. Niglet Gook says:

    omg aliens, or just a meteor.

  10. Niglet Gook says:

    what’s so weird bout it? It’s a meteor! Calm down freaks.


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