15 Symptoms of Life in Los Angeles – Los Angeles Video

Has Los Angeles gotten into your blood? Check yourself for these 15 symptoms. Song Credit: https://soundcloud.com/funzo-1/keepin… Actor: Kate Bergeron.
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15 Responses to “15 Symptoms of Life in Los Angeles – Los Angeles Video”

  1. emdec55 says:

    Yeah, LA sucks.

  2. regan2247 says:

    i thought of kian at the froyo part . aha

  3. Jack Vero says:

    yeah, LA sucks…

  4. ana999989 says:

    So true!!! Anything under 60 is winter

  5. TheCreeperCollector says:

    there not rich every thing is expensive from the gold rush in 1869

  6. p1946 says:

    The girls are hot (at least they were, back in the 80s…)

  7. p1946 says:

    That’s LA as I remember it 😆

  8. DPMixing says:

    When you decide to use something empirical and not just entrenched in your unverifiable personal beliefs to support your claims, you can let ME know. If your criticism is that the statistics I mentioned were from the oh so distant past that was one year ago, I assure you the 2013 MLS listings are very similar.

  9. Esti says:

    um, no. overpopulated maybe. pay too much? high salaries. deprived of nature? there are national parks all around L.A. and we have some sweet beaches near. economical tranportation exists and is highly used. paranoid of tremors is totaly wrong, that was used as a joke meaning they happen so often you confuse them with other factors. and the sun shines roughly 300 days a year en L.A. so yeah, cold weather isn´t welcome. visit L.A. before criticizing. or don´t. you may not want to leave…

  10. CarolinaLeonxD says:

    Hahahaha all the people hating on California.

  11. TheCuddlyBanana says:

    In San Diego, when we feel like driving to LA, we just go next door to El Cajon instead.

    It’s close enough.

  12. sflacali says:

    So mother fucking true

  13. MrArtaque says:


  14. linkinl1 says:

    Well here in Europe 60 degrees means you are dead.

  15. 1TsLostCawz says:

    Stuck in the past are we? When you decide to come to 2013, let me know.


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