Wild Police Chase – South Los Angeles, CA – April 30, 2013 – Los Angeles Video

Police chase a stolen van in South Los Angeles, California. The suspect crashes into a multiple cars during the dangerous pursuit including a LAPD patrol car…

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  1. Ben Ankenmann says:

    or spouses, still pretty common to have one partner working and one home-making. Also, a good number of professions don’t have regular 9-5 mon-fri jobs (ie nurses, police, security and college students to name a few)

  2. unreal672010 says:

    LOL the guy made a fool out of LAPD , useless fucks they are , could imagine if it was a Terrorist and yet the US spends billions on projects on security ect.

  3. Shane Hessian says:

    Well id say it depends on if you really helped or not, if you just got in the way they prolly charge you with obstruction of justice. but ive seen many instances where they get help from truckers and other large vehicles to pin suspects in…. Most of the time they want you to stay out of the way though.

  4. fanbutton says:

    Another ten minutes of this and they would have called in a drone strike.

  5. fanbutton says:

    It took the whole dam LA police dept to handcuff one unarmed perp, after of course, the complimentary beat down. Another sad day in LAPD history.

  6. Tim Alcoser says:

    It always surprises me how many people are out and about on the street or in their yards in the middle of a work day. Welfare pays well I guess.

  7. jhulianaparedes says:

    ayooo thats me on liberty city gta 4 😀 with the exception that i never get caught !!

  8. joeboo527 says:


  9. rf13v says:

    Worst police “action” ever.

  10. ธนาวุฒิ ใจหล้า says:

    look like gta…

  11. Wang Yefei says:

    I am pretty curious, legally what would happen if I ram into the suspect on purpose, trying to help the police? I should pay for my and his damage or?

  12. ihhjjhkjhhguuhk says:

    13:45 orgy?? :p

  13. Marylands Finnest says:

    Whip his ass

  14. Alan AG says:

    Are you going to call in for an Air strike?

  15. Alan AG says:

    No helicopter No capture ! Like if you agree.

  16. THORLEIFDK says:

    20 cops 1 guy???must be superman 😀

  17. mark montgomery says:

    how many violent thugs does it take to hold down a car thief?????

  18. gaelgeseomra says:

    Good chase and a good van

  19. Falc1NL says:

    Even with flat tires, IN that car he’s faster then running.

  20. cutthroat5000 says:

    13:20 love the knee the the pig partner .13:36 like a pck of lions watch the pig tha gets his piece and walks away !

  21. Mo Al says:

    Respect the Corvette!!


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