Los Angeles Lakers Confident That They Can Land Kawhi Leonard!!! | NBA News – Los Angeles Video

published: 2018-05-11 14:31:09

The Los Angeles Lakers are confident that they can sign Kawhi Leonard as a free agent in the summer of 2019! | Daily NBA News

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  1. Ingram, Hart,Cavs 1st,Future 1st, Deng for Kawhi Leonard.
    Doubt he leaves tho

  2. Sigh… We might to have get rid of BI and probably someone else if we're impatient. But he is worth it.

  3. Lakers need to go back to their roots of being hated by other NBA franchises for always landing their main target RIGHT NOW ????.
    Coward ass Laker fans from this new generation don't represent the spirit of the honorable Dr. Jerry Buss.
    He stayed in the casinos & was never a COWARD when it came to major gambles on players.
    A scared man can't win !!!
    A soldier dies 1 death, a coward dies many times over.

  4. I think the Spurs will trade him, in my opinion.

  5. Bye ingram… damn bruh

  6. Why can't we just wait for the damn contracts are up and get these ppl in free agency, and if we strike out then at least we developed a dope group of core guys who want to and can win?… our current team would be in the playoffs if not for injuries, inexperieence and questionable coaching decisions.

  7. Yeah and they also believed Dangelo Russell and Lonzo were worth the 2nd round pick lol?

  8. If the Lakers make a move for KL…they should force Kuzma as the main piece. I would not like them moving BI…

  9. Magic Johnson May be Drunk Because I see PG13 going but not Kawai Leonard

  10. Bro dead ass mad people are from LA lol Westbrook, Leonard, demar, pg13?

  11. You have wait to see if sign that extension. $217. Million is a lot to say no to.

  12. He go sign with the LA Lakers

  13. I would wait to get Kawhi Leonard when he’s a free agent next year. But get Paul George & Demar DeRozan and trade away lonzo. Move Brandon Ingram to Point Guard, DeRozan as the Shooting Guard, Paul George to Small Forward, Kyle Kuzma to Power Forward and Julius Randall at Center


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