Los Angeles Lakers have no defensive philosophy – Paul Pierce | NBA Countdown – Los Angeles Video

published: 2018-11-08 04:00:03

The NBA Countdown crew of Michelle Beadle, Paul Pierce, Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups discuss the Los Angeles Lakers’ defensive woe, with Pierce breaking down communication issues and the lack of a shot blocking presence when JaVale McGee is off the court. Billups and Rose discuss the impact Tyson Chandler will have in the paint for L.A. the rest of the season.

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  1. Defense in the NBA now days means to slow down the pace. Work the shot clock on offense. Cut down turn overs.
    Play 90s ball.
    On defense all a team has to do is focus on boxing out and rebound. Limit second chance points. If that fails then fire the coach.

  2. Yea but Javalee Mcgee is the DPOY according to Lebron gtfo

  3. paul pierce is annoying. There's no if and buts.

  4. Hay q sacar a luke Walton esa es la clave a ese dirigente no le gusta la defensa y el equipo en la nba q no defiende no gana

  5. Not only the lakers but all teams didn't play good defense 😂

  6. its ALLL LBJ.. hes the problem.. he is a joke of a leader..

  7. Peirce is wrong. They have a philosphy. They were 13th in defensive efficiency last year with Luke. Its that LBJ, Rondo, and Lance are negatives on defense.

  8. one time I actually agree with paul

  9. No1 gonna call out lebum garbage trash ass? Oh my fault he is the Golden child of the NBA besides Steph Curry

  10. Remember, LeBron needs multiple all-star teammates to barely win championships. He needs Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving to hit the big shots. Lakers don't have one.

  11. Lakers should add Kobe to the coaching staff

  12. Luke needs to just figure out a rotation based on minutes and stick to it. No one besides Lebron knows how much they're playing on a nightly basis. Rondo and Lonzo are averaging around 26 minutes a game, he's essentially splitting the game between them. Bottom line is the team can't be consistent if the coaches aren't being consistent.

  13. I said that after the 2nd preseason game and I was ripped by trolls.

  14. defense is premium I. NBA and l.a. lakers. especially in the closing out the games the lakers play.

  15. philosophy is for libtard cucks

    the only things we need are math and science

  16. The defensive philosophy is if your tired tou switch

  17. Walton was coaching warriors while kerr was out for that win streak…its the players he has on the roster…this is what happens when you get lebron and let him be the boss…

  18. There hasn't been any point to defense in nearly 20 years. Touch anyone and it's a foul.

    99-00 season (first major steps toward handchecking removal)

    Handchecking had been slowed down to a small degree in the late 90s, but not anywhere close to the massive change that was introduced starting in 99/00.
    "In the backcourt, there is no contact with hands and forearms by defenders. In the frontcourt, there is no contact with hands and forearms by defenders except below the free throw line extended in which case the defender may only use his forearm."
    So by this point, handchecking is for all intents and purposed removed – "There is no contact with hands" and "the defender may only use his forearm" below the FT line extended.

    00-01 season – new rules that further decreased amount of contact allowed by a defender
    "No contact with either hands or forearms by defenders except in the frontcourt below the free throw line extended in which case the defender may use his forearm only."
    "Neither the offensive player nor the defender will be allowed to dislodge or displace a player who has legally obtained a position."
    "Defender may not use his forearm, shoulder, hip or hand to reroute or hold-up an offensive player going from point A to Point B or one who is attempting to come around a legal screen set by another offensive player."
    "Slowing or impeding the progress of the screener by grabbing, clutching, holding “chucking” or “wrapping up” is prohibited."
    "On the weakside, defenders must remain on the weakside outside the paint unless (i) they are double-teaming the ball, (ii) picking up a free cutter or (iii) closely guarding an offensive player."

    01-02 season – Addition of illegal defensive 3 seconds rules to weaken defenses even more.
    "A new defensive three-second rule will prohibit a defensive player from remaining in the lane for more than three consecutive seconds without closely guarding an offensive player."
    This rule makes it much easier to drive in the lane, because bigs can no longer camp out in the lane and deter drives to the basket like they did in the 80s and 90s.

    04-05 season
    "New rules were introduced to curtail hand-checking, clarify blocking fouls and call defensive three seconds to open up the game."

    But please.
    Keep thinking today's basketball is the best it's ever been.

  19. Lonzo is in almost every replay in this discussion

  20. Chandler will start within 10 games.

  21. Lebron should play like the 2012-2013 Miami defensive

  22. Only skip is calling him on his D
    Other fools be sugarcoating it

  23. Can he still do that? It took one game for him to do it lol

  24. Too bad the Lakers defense can't be lockdown in real life like it is in 2K19… 🤣

  25. Lol lebron is the main problem. Old ass only worrying about his numbers


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