‘El Chapo’ prosecutors may have ‘outsmarted themselves’ with complex charges, expert says

Why is the jury in the Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman trial still deliberating? It’s sifting through mountains of evidence.

‘El Chapo’ prosecutors may have ‘outsmarted themselves’ with complex charges, expert says

Why is the jury in the Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman trial still deliberating? It's sifting through mountains of evidence and working down an eight-page verdict sheet. Some of the 10counts come with multiple yes or no questions for jurors; the first count alone includes 27 separate violations to decid


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  1. Yeah you can’t rely on a jury of your peers to be able to plug in an overhead projector. They are too busy kept enamored with their hormones and empty matters. Education and nurturing society is too good for them or too expensive; so, the quality suffers.

    How dea fbi or american spy agency get information fron your head they use something called psicotronics?

    Texas professors tried to kill me with thiso electronic arm during my time as postdoctoral research at physics department at texas university at austin they knew this because i said them in their faces that if they had a problem with me..now i understand why a guy from taiwan asked to phd student: why do you all want to get married to mexican with a american girl? The answered of this phd student was because he will back to mexico..they knew that someone was attacking with this electronic arm and they could kill me in mexico with making big noisy into my mind so i could became crazy..

    This patent is a device it is showed up and called it today as psicotronic arm it is from 70s years so you think how it would be of advanced today with artificial intelligence. i was attacked with this arm during a decade and it started in texas university at austin when i went to do a postdoc in there. Such technnology exists i was an horror to me hearing voices of americans into my mind they always said the same : we are from antiterrorims saction. After seven years hearing such voices i found they always said the same and repeat everything i think so then consider they are so stupid because i never have had any troubles with mexican justice and understood they just were liers for i get scary.. the guilty of this are the proffesors and students of physics department in the university of texas at austin. Although i talked with them about if they had a problem with me and their answer were no jesus no problem with you but they went on sent and got information about my cellphone called to mexico. I heard once they were doing bets so i think they wanted clear evidence about their crimes by killing me at mexico but they never got it.

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    Other References
    Gerkin, G., “Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology”, vol. 135, No. 6, Dec. 1973, pp. 652-653. .
    Frye et al., “Science”, vol. 181, Jul. 27, 1973, pp. 356-358. .
    Bise, William, “Low Power Radio-Frequency and Microwave Effects on Human Electroencephalogram and Behavior”, Physiol. Chem. & Physics 10 (1978)..
    Primary Examiner: Kamm; William E.
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  3. Because they want to live longer.

  4. With everything we know that’s been public information, how would this man ever escape prison with the crimes he’s committed? The same question I ask everyday about trump and his cohorts!

  5. Not guilty. Huge just needs to buy or threaten one. Is it worth losing your life over.

  6. Because he wants to speak to our administration and give out names of all involved in his schemes. He should spill the soup and negotiate a lighter sentence. I would. Maybe our administration can help out and will be surprise who has been working with cartels in D.C!


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