This Just Happened In Los Angeles AND NATIONWIDE! Something MONUMENTAL Coming? – Los Angeles Video

published: 2019-02-12 01:17:41


During the week of Feb. 5th-9th, 2019, a series of loud booms rocked downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. These noises were said to be part of a U.S. Army training exercise involving aircraft and weapon simulations “in urban environments.”

According to a news release from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD): “Residents may hear sounds associated with the training… Each location selected enables special operations teams and flight crews to maintain maximum readiness and proficiency, validate equipment and exercise standard safety procedures. The training is essential to ensure service members are fully trained and prepared to defend our nation overseas.”

But does it strike you odd how this occurred with little-to-no prior knowledge from the residents? This isn’t the first time military drills have been conducted in California — As there have also been the Jade Helm drills hosted as of the summer 2015, along with several more.

Not only that, but during the exact same time, there have been series of Wells Fargo outages occurring throughout the entire nation. This “banking outage” has caused transactions, balances, and payroll deposits in online bankings and ATMs to vanish — Along with customers having issues using their credit and debit cards. U.K. banking giant Lloyds has also experienced the same issue during the exact same time.

Considering how all of this coincides with the record U.S. government shutdown, polar vortex and near-record cold in major cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit, record snow in major cities such as Seattle, and even reports of snow in Hawaii — What Is REALLY Going On?

Could this have anything to do with upcoming martial law? Is it a surprise or coincidence how the U.S. Army also outlines their plans for “civilian inmate” and internment resettlement operations as of 2005 and 2010, respectively?

What Is The REAL Reasoning Behind All This?



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  1. This has been going on out where I live also…they are up to something and I'm sure it is insidious!

  2. Do you know the risk of training in a big city anything could happen to anyone while this was going on then what would happen?

  3. Booms still could be underground tunnels and cities, just a thought, so much distraction and never is the real truth revealed!! Know the time is short, we are at the end of the age of grace, tribulation set to dawn. Is Jesus Christ your personal Lord and SAVIOUR? REPENT and seek forgiveness of unbelief and sin while you can. Remember, call upin the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Amen 🕊

  4. All lies about “training”… they don’t do training in public…don’t buy their b.s.
    They expect us to be naive and stupid

  5. Its happening right when tax refunds are due to taxpayers. Maybe they can't cover the checks.

  6. Training for urban warfare its pretty bad i mean i know they like to to be really ready but judt dont seem right that now theyre doing it

  7. When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty! Thomas Jefferson


  9. They getting ready for Martial Law. Shalawam 🕎 ✊🏿 Great video ACH .

  10. They would not risk the embarrassment for an accident. They have training places for this. I doubt is was done for anything good. Who ever thinks Trump and q are on our side are tripping. Their are possessed people everywhere I don't care if your religious. It's about right and wrong get your head out of your as people

  11. I'm glad killery didn't win and shudder to think what she'd have done by now!!!

  12. its nice u keep trying to tell people and wake them up but they don't care. they want to stay sleep. thanks 4 ur insight. presidents day coming up. long weekend.

  13. it's never snow in Hawaii, that to let y'all know the Government's got those aircrafts flying up into the cloud put stuff up their, to cause all this disaster all those technologies they are making having people thinking God is trying tell us something no those devil's is telling y'all something and they are human beings and Revelation say after this rapture it gonna be peach, and Satan gonna be lock up for a thousand years, yell those wealthy Government's and their families in Hiding until this is over and some of us be blowing away, the devil's alway's been right under our nose, the Government's those are the locusts, and beast,

  14. Won't be long now. Prepare your bodies the best one can…get in shape, eat healthy to boost the immune system, stock up on the basics and have your bug out bag ready. It's obvious trump is not the man he claimed..I tried to warn people but nobody listened…get ready people…it's about to get real

  15. Pray against the Satanist and the poor children being tortured

  16. Hi. I have followed you for a long time. I love your work☺ take a look at this video. There is new footage. Those men were in hazmat suits. This video is not long. Please watch. Trump was asked to run for President by the General of the NSA because they knew what the satanic dems had in mind. All of the things you read were true. They were going to create a nuclear war and put us in the camps. Everything has changed because of Trump. He is dealing with insane Satanists! Search booms all over our country. They have destroyed so many underground bunkers. Bless you

  17. hate when a video puts up a wall of text then proceeds to read it…..slowly…….word for word. automatic thumb down

  18. U.N. get out of the USA and stay out!!!run them out.

  19. Soul diers are fucking COWARDS. Ya ya ya ya ya, they're "heroes," right?! LOL. USE your fucking HEADS. COPS, FIREFIGHTERS and MILITARY are all COWARDS. Also, many DOCTORS are the same… ANYONE or ANY FIGUREHEAD who is FOR mandatory vaccinations is a fucking COWARD/gatekeeper/jew lover. WAKE UP and use your cockfucking head.

  20. Millions of Christans prayed and God gave us Pres.Trump as a repreive from the plans of Satan (Hillary). On Jan. 20, 2017 when when Trump to the oath, he was 70 yrs. 7 months and 7 days old, born on a red moon. On Sept 23, 2017 Rev.12:1 and 2 took place. Satans mad about it, just look at how the MSM and the left hate and lie about him. I'll put my trust in the Lord Jesus.

  21. I found something highly disturbing about that saudi development, NEOM. Apparently there is opposition to that project and questions being asked by Journalists and Historians. Is the murder of Jamal Khashoggi related to NEOM? A valid question. There is another "disappearance" (murder) relative to NEOM. Here is what I found on google:

    "But was Jamal Khashoggi killed because he was considered a dissident by the regime, or is his hasty disappearance due to his recent stand against the pharaonic economic project of Mohammad Bin Salman’s: NEOM?

    "We can quote the historian Nasser, a famous Saudi opponent and supporter of the establishment of a republic, who disappeared in 1979 in Beirut when he said:

    during a program organized by the Al Jazeera channel: “Let’s talk about something other than the right to conduct of women. The NEOM project, this futuristic city into which $500 billion is planned to be invested. What if it goes wrong? This would lead to the bankruptcy of the country (…) but no one is allowed to write objectively on this subject “. Did this declaration seal his fate? Because the censorship of Mohammad Bin Salman about the NEOM project is total, and one could be severley punished if it is not respected." "

    The stink just gets worse and worse and worse. NEOM has been in the planning since at least 1979.

  22. The names are YAHAWAH and YAHAWASHI not Yahuah there are no U in paleo Hebrew. U was invented in 1762

  23. can you say Caravan invasion !!!

  24. mr Piratebrain guillotines were seen being hauled by trains 10 years ago.They plan ahead not like most heads who don't plan at all!

  25. The mentally dead have been distracted by propaganda sport and plan they are more CONCERNED about what card B Drake and this ilk is doing instead of being Concerned about their survival!

  26. The major of these things are not going to happen until Trump is removed from Office, which will be on July 20, 2020 (3 1/2 years after his inauguration), and then shall that Wicked be revealed, and they (the global elite) shall take away all that Trump accomplished, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. If anything these exercises are because of the far-left liberals that hinder, harass, and as some do wickedly. But be prepared: physically and spiritually.

  27. I think they are preparing for a Trump/ Russian coup attempt. Trump has tremedous power right now, just when you think you know you have no idea. The left and many othera think that he's stupid, irratic, and out-of-his-mind. That couls not be farther from the truth. He is scary intelligent and knows how to play and manipulate the game. Either way democracy looses. Trump secures power get ready for a 4th reich, if he looses prepare for martial law to ensure "revolutionaries" are killed or captured, and further if not all liberties eradicated. Its the perfect chess skewer for the Globalist (illuminati).

  28. All i know is moon missions… and thats it..moon telling people they were real, and 1 out of 20 believe me…silly people…
    Buzz for president


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