Breaking: “Blackhawk Helicopter Extracts Computers In Los Angeles Raid” – Los Angeles Video

published: 2019-02-14 05:03:42 Blackhawk Helicopters extract computers and servers in Los Angeles Raid” also also also also


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  2. It wasn't't Wells Fargo. It was Guatemalan Cultural Center that is scheduled to be torn down. They got Bio Weapon out of building! They were top level Extraction Team! There is even footage of helicopters being decontaminated before they took off. Watch RedPill78 on this

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  4. Some comments are stating that the equipment carried was not from Wells Fargo. Yet, early the morning after WF had a HUGE, nationwide, outage. Pretty remote coincidence.

  5. I people would get their facts str8 before spreading all this disinfo around.

  6. I used to live in Buford just 5 minutes from Sugar Hill. Well, now I guess its new name is Sugar Frog Hill 🐸🐸🐸…Hahaha…I know exactly where that pond is. Massive Frog Leg Fry…We used to go frog gigging at the creek below my house. We'd get a straight stick n drive a nail in the end, then break the head off the nail and go gigging at night…It was a blast n good eating with hushpuppies and Grits…lol. Thought I'd share a moment from my childhood with you. I'm a Georgia girl, born n bred..Love my peaches n Frogs 🐸 lol…God Bless you n yours Bro Paul…Croak croak 🐸🐸🐸

  7. And nobody thinks it's strange that the MILITARY would be raiding a company? Regardless of the crimes of wells fargo, they wouldn't get raided. They would be taken to court. What this is actually doing is showing the people that if the government can do this to a large company like wells fargo, they can do it to you on even the smallest matter. Welcome to the USA, the world's biggest prison, complete with a wall, coming soon to a border near you.

  8. They didn't pull computers out of there, you don't decontaminate a Blackhawk helicopter WHILE it's running for computers.

  9. What about the lasers the us has used coming from the satellite to targets on the ground

  10. ha ha ha! I too smell 🐮💩 by the banks!! I did hear about Wells Fargo having an outage but so were other banks having the outages at the same time (see I didn't appreciate their lame excuse for the downtime. However, I wasn't impacted so I thought it was an ATM system's problem because online was not disrupted (I think). The extraction of computers does make sense however, and many of these systems are interlinked by the U.S. government written in special computer html language, highly possible cyber security hacking was taking place against Wells Fargo by foreign entities trying to break into U.S. government agencies.

  11. I didn't see no smoke. I see a finacial collapse in the near future. Very near.

  12. I think they extracted 16-24 children in the first four helios and in the first Blackhawk they got two body bags and two black bags with computers. The second one got one body bag.  They would wear hazard suites to deal with death.  There may have also been a germ bomb set go off at destruction of building.  Multiple reasons for this.  Patricia Sunday Ministries

  13. Maybe Wells Fargo was just a side situation from the explosion.

  14. can be summed up with one word…Muslim – Hang Her High!!!

  15. maybe rah assoni is booking her a hotel room

  16. If they were at Wells Fargo why did they blow out first floor of Guatemalan house of culture?

  17. Some helicopters landed on top.
    Much speculation about what was extracted.
    That 2nd Blackhawk was on the ground for 50 seconds!

  18. re wells fargo in salt lke also by Hunter Geisel Sunday, February 10th 2019Utah National Guard helicopters conduct training exercises above downtown Salt Lake City preparation for an upcoming training event, the Utah National Guard will be landing two UH-60 Black Hawks and a UH-72 Lakota helicopter on the north and south helipads of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Salt Lake City.


  19. Pastor Begley, I want to be save. Bless us Father!.. Lord is coming soon, Thank you!

  20. To to RedPill78. This explains far more. We may be blessed to be alive -the entire country!

  21. I don't think they are servers. Servers are in racks in a computer room with restricted access. First they would have to blow the door and then find the servers in the racks that they are interested in. Then also all the data is backed up on a redundant system anyway. If this was a small company that would maybe work. But a big company (as well as being a bank) Wells Fargo local banks network into their main system which is stored at some other location. I also heard that they were in the building nearby which had it's windows blown out and the gate blown open. There are a number of facets to this operation. Some say biological, could be…. Who knows

  22. Looked like a body bag with a body in it to me.

  23. I live in this area, they didn't come from Wells Fargo, they came from the building where the helicopter was parked. All of them were wearing hazmat suits, and two people were carrying something heavy that they loaded up in the black hawk. I am not going to watch your channel anymore, this info is not correct.

  24. we don't know what they are carrying.


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