Why The Lakers Are The BEST TEAM In The NBA – NEW Big Three! – Los Angeles Video

published: 2019-07-08 07:52:24

NBA Free Agency is basically over with ALL THE BIG NAMES assigned to a team. I believe the Lakers are the best team and are the biggest winners. This video explains why! Let me know your opinions!

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  1. finally someone one with some sense!!! Excellent break down of the new Laker look. Laker have thee best Duo in the game. it will show as the season new season begins and wears on.

  2. So King James trades to win and you say he is the best player? He sucks and GAVE UP ON HIS TEAM and you say you don’t wanna hear it lol. You gotta look at all the facts because James Harden will be in the play offs even if his whole team gets fired. King James can’t do it without his friends. Facts

  3. lol….people seem to think that kawi lenard is the goat. he did win this year.

  4. Obviously coming from a Laker fan!!!

  5. Thank you for speaking the truth i will sub

  6. It's the place to go for players who are retiring

  7. My thoughts exactly. I think Cousins will break out, Kuzma will stay around the same scoring wise. We got shooters and defenders and vets. On top of that we got a well rested Lebron who is hungry since he missed playoff last season and we got AD who will be a monster in purple and gold.

  8. I can't wait to see My Lakers Against the Clippers and I think we'll win the division over them and beat them 4-2 in the playoffs.

  9. What?? Big 3??? Who? I'm only see LeBron and Davis

  10. Lakers definitely look like a better unit for sure. Less focus on bron as AD is in the sphere of things. This could be the best duo since Kobe and Shaque

  11. Rondo's not starting, him and lebron were a pretty bad fit. Avery Bradley makes more sense. Also the Lakers would be much better with kuzma starting. Kuzma's is also in record saying he's really focusing on his 3 point shot this offseason. This will make our offense unstoppable with AD and bron in the paint and running pick and rolls and green, Bradley, and kuzma to space the floor. Not even the clippers could match up because they have no answer to AD or even cousins for that matter.

  12. Lakers aren't even top 4 imo. They will be good on offense. But they lack defense and depth at certain positions. LeBron isn't going to get a lot of rest with this roster. AD misses games every year. Cousins is still recovering from a major injury and may never be the player he once was ever again. My power rankings as of right now…

    1. Clippers
    2. Jazz
    3. Bucks
    4. Rockets
    5. Lakers
    6. 76ers
    7. Nuggets
    8. Warriors
    9. Pacers
    10. Raptors

    And no I haven't forgotten how good LeBron is. It's just a matter of the team he's on not looking as strong as other teams.

  13. How are they the best team & the season hasn't started yet?

  14. Nba aint even started. Relax

  15. The Lakers will definitely have height length remind me how the great Phil Jackson always had height and length with the Bulls and Lakers

  16. I agree bro big 3..nobody's can't stop them..

  17. On paper yes .We have to wait and see.

  18. I thought wrong then I was like Pelicans with Zion they gonna win the championship with 360s slam dunks. Lol 😂

  19. The Lakers are the best all around team in the league. With Anthony Davis, McGee and Cousins dominating on the inside. LeBron, Green and Kuzma will be nailing those three's. Their defense will be top notch also.


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